The Shandon Bells (The Four Faced Liar)

Those of us who were born and bred in Cork will look fondly upon the Church of St. Anne, known internationally as the Shandon Bells and evermore so as the Four Faced Liar. This wonderful Cork landmark is one of the most iconic buildings in the city and overlooks the streets, rivers and bridges for miles around. When the bells toll, people stop, smile, and feel grateful for its presence in our wonderful city.

To fully understand the importance of this landmark and its place in the identity of Cork as a whole, we strongly recommend that you pay a visit for an hour or two.

Church of St Anne Cork

Some interesting facts about the Shandon Bells:

  • St Anne’s Church was the first-ever building to have a four-faced clock until the building of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London.
  • The church was built in 1722 and has always been an integral part of culture and worship for the people of Cork.
  • The landmark earned its fond nickname ‘The Four Faced Liar’ in the 1840’s when, after installation, some locals realised that not one of the clocks four faces showed the same time.
  • The bells of St. Anne’s were originally cast in 1750, and twice more in 1869 and 1908.
  • There are 132 steps to the top of the building.

If you are lucky enough to spend some time exploring the Shandon Bells, we would highly recommend that you take the 132 steps to the top of the building, where you can experience views that are unmatched across the rest of the city. You should also note that all visitors to the church are welcome to ring the bells during opening hours, the trip is worth it for this opportunity alone!

Admission fees are very reasonable and go towards the upkeep of our beautiful church. Adult tickets cost €5, €2.50 for children (under 5’s free) and family tickets only €12.

Make sure you bring your camera on this outing; you won’t believe the views from the top!

Our hotel takes its name from our location just around the corner from the Shandon Bells. Make sure you pop in and have a look in Bells Bar at the hotel where you can see some wonderful photographs and paintings of this iconic landmark.

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